Quick fashion fix#1: smart jeans? 

Because my life at the moment is ridiculously busy I have fewer chances to actually sit down and write. However i have decided to take advantage of my morning commute to offer these little morning thoughts on the world of fashion. 
Today’s topic, can jeans ever be smart?  Short answer? Kind of.  Look jeans are made from denim, denim as a fabric is rightly associated with work wear and specifically with the working class. Jeans were originally designed to be worn by men doing manual work, like so many style staples they were never meant to be fashionable. It wasn’t until the 50’s and the rise of the teenager with actors like James Dean and Marlon Brando that the Jean became a symbol of stylish working class rebellion. 

So if we look at it from a cultural point of view a pair of jeans will never be as smart as a pair of tailored trousers. That being said, times change and there are always exceptions to rules. While jeans are not going to be as smart as trousers there are jeans that you can wear with a smarter look to dress the whole thing down. 

So what makes some jeans smarter than others? The rule for smart jeans is a simple one: the darker the Jean, the smarter it is. So, keeping this in mind I would say that if you’re unsure about whether or not your jeans are smart then you have two options.

 The smartest and most preferable option is black. Black jeans are super versatile in that they go with absolutely anything and their dark colour means that from afar you can’t even tell that they are jeans. Be careful of things like faded washes and distressing though if you want to nail that smarter look. 

The second option you have is indigo. Indigo jeans, unlike black are more obviously jeans however they are dark enough to be considered smart. An indigo pair of selvedge jeans can look really good when paired with a complementary blazer and shirt. 

So jeans can be smart, but not really. Whether or not you can wear them in the office depends on the kind of office that you work in but if your boss is flexible or if you want to dress down a smarter weekend look then a pair of dark jeans are a fantastic option. 

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back soon. 


Timex X Red Wing

Affordable watch brand Timex has timed up with classic American Boot makers Redwing to create a unique collection of time pieces. The Collaboration that was previously only available in Japan and the US features three pieces including the 42mm Chronograph, the 40mm watch and the slightly smaller 38mm watch, all fitted out with Red Wing’s Rich, Rust coloured leather.

Very nice indeed. I’m in the market for a new watch and I am seriously impressed by this collection. Rugged yet sleek at the same time and best of all, very affordable with prices ranging from £79-£99.

Check out the collection below and let me know what you think!



New (old) From Adidas

Listen up kids, big sports companies like Nike and Adidas are always innovating with new technology and designs when it comes to their trainers, giving us the trainers that will become the classics of the futures. That though doesn’t matter because all we care about in the fashion world is the old classics because let’s face it. we’re all old romantics at heart.

Luckily for us Adidas have cottoned on this fact and have re released two classic Adidas silhouettes for us to enjoy all over again. Let’s take a closer look.

Rod Laver


The king is dead, long live the king. In terms of tennis shoes the Adidas Stan Smith has been the darling of the menswear world for a few years now; first popping up a few years ago they have sadly, become slightly played out.

Don’t worry though because there’s a new tennis shoe from Adidas out there named after a famous player; no these aren’t the “Tim Henmans” these are named for legendary Australian player and 11 time Grand Slam winner Rod Laver.

Originally designed for use on U.S hardcourt circuit the Rod Lavers are a little bit chunkier than the Stan Smiths featuring a thicker outsole. Chunky shoes are set to be a big trend this Autumn as well so the Rod Laver is already ticking boxes.

Elsewhere you can find a dirt repellent mesh upper with leather overlays as well as dirt repellent laces, which is good news if you like me struggle to keep your box fresh white trainers looking well, box fresh.

Overall I like the Rod Lavers, they look very similar to the Stan Smiths but with the mesh construction and the chunky sole they offer something a little different. Different is good.




From 70’s Tennis to a 90’s classic. Sometimes a classic trainer doesn’t have to be created for use in a certain sport or in honour of a great player; sometimes they’re made simply because they look good.

This is the case for the Adidas Gazelle. The Gazelle for me is what I like to call a “lounge trainer”, which by that I mean a trainer so sleek and toned down that they look as if they are designed to be worn on a lazy Sunday rather than in the gym.

Featuring a pig skin  leather upper with synthetic overlays and a rubber outsole the Gazelle’s look and feel almost luxurious with the pig skin giving them the feel of a rich suede.

A sleek, classic silhouette that will serve you well on your more dressed down days.

Thanks for reading guys and I’ll see you next time.


A change in schedule

Just a quick update for everyone who reads this blog regularly, I really appreciate the both of you who take your time out of the busy day to read my rambling about the world of men’s fashion.

You may have noticed that there has been no content this week so far and I’ve been pretty hit and miss in general over the last few weeks or so. Some of you may have read the post I made about having some personal issues that were effecting my writing, while this has been true the reality is that I am busier and busier every day and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to commit to the schedule that I impose on myself.

In light of this I have decided that rather than giving you guys three sub par articles a week I will instead commit to give you two quality ones instead. These will be on Monday and Thursday every week and will hopefully allow me to keep doing the blog at the high level that I impose on myself.

Thanks for all your patience guys and I hope that we can build on this to create something truly special.

News! Brioni goes Metal


Some of the most prestigious fashion brands out there have been with us for almost a hundred years. That level of history brings with it a certain identity, something that is intangible but makes the brand instantly recognisable . History is all well and good, but it’s just that; history. Everything ends and everything changes from the Roman Empire all the way through to Saint Laurent. Every once in a while a brand hires a new creative director to shake things up. People like Tom Ford and Alessandro Michele at Gucci or Heidi Slimane at Saint Laurent.

Following on from this storied Italian suit makers Brioni shocked the industry when it announced that they had appointed street style star and Ladies-wear buyer extraordinaire  Justin O’Shea as it’s new creative director. A man who had no experience in a creative director role but had a big presence in the menswear world. We have been waiting with baited breath to see exactly what changes Mr. O’Shea is going to bring to Brioni.

The fist advertising campaign under his reign dropped yesterday on Business of Fashion and well, this may be one of the biggest re-brands since Slimane took over at Saint Laurent. The campaign for A/W 17 featured the clothes being modeled by none other than heavy metal legends themselves Metallica. So from sharp Italian tailoring to Gods of Rock n Roll. This re-brand is actually quite reminiscent of what Slimane did at Saint Laurent, where he took the brand and gave it a Rock n Roll edge, to much success.

Shot in black and white the campaign has a rock n roll influence but the Italian tailoring is still front and centre with the band being featured in evening suits in both off white and black. There will also be new shots coming of all the band members individually wearing a new style of suit being pioneered by Brioni called the ‘The Continental’ which according to the press release is an “amped up Italian style with Wider Shoulders, a narrower waist and a longer body”. A silhouette that gym rats around the world will welcome i’m sure.

The brand logo has also changed, or at least the font has. O’Shea has switched to a Gothic script which is very Heavy Metal and infuses the campaign with the feel that Brioni are obviously trying to put across.

What this all going to mean I don’t know. Let’s be honest it’s either going to work out or it isn’t but based on recent history of brand shake ups, specifically brand shake ups with a Rock n Roll edge we might be able to predict that the new Brioni is going to be an unqualified success. At the very least it’s going to make the Autumn Winter shows very exciting. I for one can’t wait to find out what happens next.

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Thanks for reading and I will see you on Saturday!



Wishlist #22- Cashmere Hoodie from Massimo Alba


What is it with girlfriends and stealing hoodies? Many a man has lost his prized hooded top to his girlfriend’s wardrobe. They never try to steal your shorts or something do they? My girlfriend is not happy with me though because I currently have no hoodies for her to steal; what a bad boyfriend I am.

The reason for my conspicuous hoodie-lessness is frankly I don’t like the majority of them and I have a bad taste in my mouth from seeing a parade of university hoodies on people in their mid 20’s at the gym.

It’s a bit of a no thrills piece of clothing but there is a place for the hoodie in your casual wardrobe and if I’m going to buy one that is both stylish and worth stealing I could do worse than this Cashmere hoodie from Massimo Alba.

Knitted in Italy from Melange Cashmere (a mixture of different kinds of cashmere) the hoodie comes in a simple navy colour and a regular fit. Simple. It’s the simplicity that I like, too many hoodies fall down because they have too much going on, and they try to do too much. Either that or they fall into the sporty category like Adidas or Nike which is fine but they limit what you can wear with it, you couldn’t for example wear a Nike Hoodie with a pair of tailored trousers without looking severely under-dressed.

The style and fabric of this hoodie from Massimo Alba means that it has more of a refined feel that will work with smarter clothes as well as more casual. The quality of the fabric also makes it sumptuously comfortable, perfect for lounging about the house in, or you know, sitting in your girlfriend’s wardrobe.

What to wear it with

You can style this in two different ways depending on whether or not you are going out or staying in. If I’m going out then I would start with a white collarless shirt (bang on trend) and pair it with a pair of navy tailored trousers. A pair of box fresh white tennis shoes finishes the look off.

If you’re staying in then I would recommend going for an entirely monochromatic look by teaming the hoodie with a navy t-shirt and a pair of a navy slim fit joggers. A pair off white 1970’s converse All Stars will finish the look off in case you need to pop to the shops.

The hoodie isn’t so bad after all is it? If you want to purchase this yourself you can do so here.

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